New Design, New Features and New Sizing.

Welcome to Green Gator Filters™, the most innovative odor control filter solution available.

About us

Green Gator Filters™ was created with a single purpose; Develop a truly effective, simple to use molecular filtration solution utilizing the latest advances in bonded activated carbon, proprietary media blends and integrated design elements that provide the end user the most effective activated carbon odor control system ever.


Green Gator Filters™ offer a unique approach to VOC and odor removal. By design, the Green Gator Filter™ offers an environmentally responsible, effective and affordable solution. Unlike other charcoal and carbon filters, the Green Gator Filter was created to target the odors and VOC's of growing enviroments.

Where To Buy

Green Gator filters™ are available through a rapidly growing number of premium hydroponic grow stores and outlets. Additionally, Green Gator filters™ can be purchased direct on our purchase page.