About Us

Green Gator Filters™ was started with a single purpose; Develop a truly effective, simple to use molecular filtration solution utilizing the latest advances in bonded activated carbon, proprietary media blends and integrated design elements that provide the end user the most effective activated carbon odor control filter system ever. Green Gator Filters™ specializes in understanding molecular filtration technologies and the proper application of these technologies while addressing the needs of the user and developing filtration solutions that not only meet the specified need – they exceed it!

Applications: The proprietary technology used to produce the Green Gator Filter™ is commonly found in a large number of high purity industries where performance is critical:
• IVF Laboratories
• Forensic and laboratory laminar flow hoods
• Hospitals
• Micro Electronic manufacturing
• Airports
• Process control / Source capture equipment
• Commercial kitchen exhaust pollution control
• Casino / Gaming
• Hydroponics/Greenhouse