The Grower’s Edge Experience

The Growers Edge in Rockford Michigan got back to us recently with a review of our filters. They tested it out and here is what they think

“The Green Gator Filter is hands down the best filter on the market. The ability to hang the filter with ease because of the hooks and light weight alone is worth it. my favorite thing about though is the 100% Air flow through the filter unlike all the other filters that only have 50% air flow. more air flow Equals more scrubbing and a Smaller filter for a bigger area. Last thing I really like about it is when I’m done using it i can just smash it up and throw it away and recycle the two small metal sides, instead of trying to figure out where to get rid of a 300lbs metal filter. Ill always use The Green Gator Filter. 5 out of 5 stars” – Shane

The Growers Edge is a fantastic grow store that services the people of Rockford Michigan. They have a huge variety and supply of hydroponics equipment and can fill a variety of needs. All of their staff is ready and willing to help any grower from newbie to advanced. Make sure to check them out!

Happy Growing

The Gator