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Busy Two Months

It has been a busy two months for us, especially with the Novi Indoor Growing Expo run by Maximum Yield. We had a great time getting to meet everyone and see the other vendors.
Saturday was the store day, great opportunity to meet with the local store owners and show them our product. We had a fantastic response from the owners. We were being asked great questions and people were able to interact with our display. This allowed everyone to see our magnetic collar and hanging tabs in action. Any stores interested in learning more about our products or becoming a stockiest, should contact us with the contact form.

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Sunday was the public day, and it was packed. We had over 250 people sign up for our filter giveaway that we were running. The first hour seemed to fly by as people swarmed the entire venue looking to get some swag and talk shop. We got to meet some of our friends on the forum sites, and make some new ones. We are looking forward to more opportunities to meet and talk with our customers and members of the growing industry.

Make sure to check out our images from that weekend below. We dropped our filters off at stores to be picked up by the winners
We also got a chance to hang out with our friends at Horizon Hydroponics for their Frisbee Golf Tournament. We got to meet and talk with many people that day. Plus we got to meet with other industry vendors, meet friends, and enjoy a beautiful day in Michigan. We would like to extend our thank to Horizon Hydroponics for having us out to that wonderful event, and we look forward to more.

We also have some pictures of the event day below with our pictures from the Novi show.