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Our Newest Review, and Installation (UPDATE 4/8/13)

A few weeks ago we ran a sale on our website, and saw a positive response from all of our supporters. We wanted to share one of the responses with you, and also show the way they
incorporated our filter into their hydroponic set up.

“I Must Say That I’m Really Impressed With My New Green Gator Filter. Guys I believe This Is The Next Step In odor Control. No More Loose Carbon To Get Into Your Fans Bearings.  Why?
Because They Use A Process By Where They Bond The Carbon Together Very Cool. Checkout How Easy This Filter Is To Change. The Filter Has A 6 Inch Magnetic Collar That Hold The Ducting
In Place And When You Need To Change The Filter No More
Messing With The Ducting Just Simply Pull The Collar Off And Its A Snap To Change. Plus The octagon Shape Allows For More Air To Be scrubbed. Be Sure To Check them Out”   - TheDawg –

If you want to get your set up posted and highlighted on our blog, email us at and let us know how you like your filter

Happy Growing

The Gator


We just got some more info from TheDawg and also some new images.

“Check It. It Took Mr Longer To Move 2 Plants Out The Way Than It Did To Move My Green Gator Filter. I Now Have About 5ft Less Ducting” The Dawg –

We love hearing that we are helping growers maximize space and also time. If you have an install and comments you would like to see posted, please contact us with details.

Happy Growing

The Gator


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