Review from Captain Morgan

Just got our latest review in, here is what Captain Morgan had to say

“I’ve been using the filter for going on 6 months now and am very happy with its performance and have virtually no odor coming from my grow area. I have 5 plants in flower, most of the time in s
eparate tents and cabinets, and have separate ventilation on each of them exhausting into a large room. I’ve got the green gator filter set up on one end of the room and send the exhaust through a duct to the other end of the room, so my air moves from one end to the other in a loop. It’s doing a great job and I only have a slight odor when in the room and can’t smell anything outside of the room. I really like the design features like the magnetic collar with a built in seal where you attach your duct work, easy to change outer pre filter, built in eyelets for hanging and the ability to
connect more than one filter together. I plan on using only green gator filters from now on.”
– Captain Morgan

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