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Review and Install from Michigan (Update 4/3/14)

Just got our latest review in, here is what Big D had to say

“I just moved into a new home in a residential area. I set up my grow rooms and was outside shoveling snow when I realized it isn’t like the old house in the country where odor wasn’t an issue. My neighbors would have picked it up in a heartbeat. I put a Green Gator filter in and went outside. There is absolutely no more odor. I put my nose right next to my vent and I could not smell it. Looks to be a perfect solution.”
-Big D  –  Michigan

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Happy Growing

The Gator


UPDATE 4/3/14:

Big D just sent us another picture of his new grow room. He has incorporated our filters for his newest grow. We are thrilled to see another installation and look forward to more!

Happy Growing

The Gator



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