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The Gator Filter and Challenges

We continue our look into the Green Gator Filter, and what makes it different.

When GGF launched, we knew we had an up hill battle ahead of us. The industry was growing and so were the claims – at least when it comes to filtration..  Much like “Jack’s magic bean’s” the tales of mystical carbon from far corners of the world made for great stories and better marketing. But Alas.. Sadly in the real world there is no such thing as magic carbon, regardless of where it comes from..  The magic associated with effective odor control is understanding the challenge, applying the correct media types, designing to operational environments, applying the latest and best available technology and… and..

Basically it’s all about the science.

The challenges –


need I say more? In the indoor growing environment failure is not an option. Researching and fully understanding the unique molecular challenges ( the smells) was the first thing that needed to occur. We needed to identify the unique characteristics associated with the indoor growing environment and develop a solution. This solution, as it turns out, is not simply one media type, it is several blended together to provide the absolute best possible efficiency and life.


is everything when it comes to a product, too big and a gardener would need to get help to install, too small and it doesn’t work effectively.  Luckily with our unique method of bonding media, we are able to create a filter that has no need for metal siding and reduces overall length


was the next hurdle; we had to make something that people could easily add to. We came up with a way for one end of the filter to fit into the other. You can effectively double your Media weight by attaching two filters together. Not only does this allow our system to grow, but it also simplifies buying. Our competitors have hundreds of different sizes, media weights, CFM requirements, shapes, inline filters, etc. We have ONE filter, no over complications.

Finally we needed to tackle


we talked to gardeners, we listened and asked a lot of questions. In the end it was the simple things that we were able to incorporate that made the biggest difference: Built in hanging tabs on both the filter and collar. Easy to replace pre filter and integrated anti microbial filter. Quick connect collar. A flat edge so the filter wont roll off a table… 

How ever you need to get the job done, we wanted to make it easy to do and make it WORK.

We will continue to bring you more insight into our filters over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out here and on our social media for more information.

Happy Growing,

The Gator

Our Newest Review, and Installation (UPDATE 4/8/13)

A few weeks ago we ran a sale on our website, and saw a positive response from all of our supporters. We wanted to share one of the responses with you, and also show the way they
incorporated our filter into their hydroponic set up.

“I Must Say That I’m Really Impressed With My New Green Gator Filter. Guys I believe This Is The Next Step In odor Control. No More Loose Carbon To Get Into Your Fans Bearings.  Why?
Because They Use A Process By Where They Bond The Carbon Together Very Cool. Checkout How Easy This Filter Is To Change. The Filter Has A 6 Inch Magnetic Collar That Hold The Ducting
In Place And When You Need To Change The Filter No More
Messing With The Ducting Just Simply Pull The Collar Off And Its A Snap To Change. Plus The octagon Shape Allows For More Air To Be scrubbed. Be Sure To Check them Out http://greengatorfilters.com.”   - TheDawg – RIU.org

If you want to get your set up posted and highlighted on our blog, email us at info@greengatorfilters.com and let us know how you like your filter

Happy Growing

The Gator


We just got some more info from TheDawg and also some new images.

“Check It. It Took Mr Longer To Move 2 Plants Out The Way Than It Did To Move My Green Gator Filter. I Now Have About 5ft Less Ducting” The Dawg – RIU.org

We love hearing that we are helping growers maximize space and also time. If you have an install and comments you would like to see posted, please contact us with details.

Happy Growing

The Gator


Review and Install from Michigan (Update 4/3/14)

Just got our latest review in, here is what Big D had to say

“I just moved into a new home in a residential area. I set up my grow rooms and was outside shoveling snow when I realized it isn’t like the old house in the country where odor wasn’t an issue. My neighbors would have picked it up in a heartbeat. I put a Green Gator filter in and went outside. There is absolutely no more odor. I put my nose right next to my vent and I could not smell it. Looks to be a perfect solution.”
-Big D  –  Michigan

If you want to get your set up posted and highlighted on our blog, email us at info@greengatorfilters.com and let us know how you like your filter

Happy Growing

The Gator


UPDATE 4/3/14:

Big D just sent us another picture of his new grow room. He has incorporated our filters for his newest grow. We are thrilled to see another installation and look forward to more!

Happy Growing

The Gator



Horizon Hydroponics at the Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference

Get a Gator and an Education

Horizon Hydroponics (www.hhydro.com ) is going to be at the Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend (http://www.mmmrmag.com/conference.html ) It will be a great opportunity to stop in and learn about Medical Marijuana at the conference then visit the Horizen hydroponics booth for a chance to  win a Green Gator Filter set up!

Horizen hydroponics –  www.hhydro.com

Show Info – http://www.mmmrmag.com/conference.html

Happy Growing,

The Gator

Review from Captain Morgan

Just got our latest review in, here is what Captain Morgan had to say

“I’ve been using the filter for going on 6 months now and am very happy with its performance and have virtually no odor coming from my grow area. I have 5 plants in flower, most of the time in s
eparate tents and cabinets, and have separate ventilation on each of them exhausting into a large room. I’ve got the green gator filter set up on one end of the room and send the exhaust through a duct to the other end of the room, so my air moves from one end to the other in a loop. It’s doing a great job and I only have a slight odor when in the room and can’t smell anything outside of the room. I really like the design features like the magnetic collar with a built in seal where you attach your duct work, easy to change outer pre filter, built in eyelets for hanging and the ability to
connect more than one filter together. I plan on using only green gator filters from now on.”
– Captain Morgan RIU.org

If you want to get your set up posted and highlighted on our blog, email us at

info@greengatorfilters.com and let us know how you like your filter

Happy Growing

The Gator

The Green Gator Filter™

When looking to build the Green Gator Filter™ we wanted to make sure that we brought something new and powerful to the market. We looked into consumer needs and how to improve what currently was on the market.

We started with the media. The proper application of specific Carbon Media types is essential for effective odor control. With that in mind we combined a proprietary blend of activated carbons and chemosorptive media to ensure the best possible performance. We then integrated an anti-microbial filter element, effectively allowing us to kill a large percentage of the molds and other aerosolized biological contaminants that can enter the filter. Finally we added a particulate pre filter wrap that
simply wraps around the filter and stays in place without forcing customers to use rubber bands or other materials to keep it in place.

Perhaps the biggest challenge was the filter structure, and how to improve on industry standard air contact times without chocking down the fan CFM rating. Many companies promote a 51% filter open space, this means they block up to 49% of the air flow with the metal mesh use to hold their media. We wanted to do better, much better. We decided why not make the carbon the structure and remove the metal mesh completely. To achieve this, all Green Gator Filters™ utilize a proprietary
bonding technology previously only available to high purity applications. The advantages of this technology is quickly obvious, the filter body is the media! This allows for 100% media “open area”. Due to the very nature of the technology, the Green Gator Filter™ is virtually dust free.
No more bits of carbon to get into your expensive fan and light.

Having started with a blank piece of paper when we designed the Green Gator™ we were able to simplify and solve a few additional problems common with the industry standard filter. We simplified the process involved with hanging the filter as well as installing the fan collar and pre filter wrap.  By breaking the industry standard, we solved what  growers told  us were their most frustrating problems.

typical-installationMost people ask us about the hexagon shape, in a world of tubes and cylinders a hexagon kind of stands out. The primary answer to the question is, increased filter surface area. By making it a hexagon we are able to allow for slower air flow through the 2 inch deep media bed, and this is all while continuing to operate at standard CFM rates. This means that with a 400CFM fan with one of our filters attached, we can get a dwell time of +.102 seconds.

In future posts we will describe the how to scale your filter to meet the needs of your space. You will be surprised at how simple it can be.

Check out some images below to get some close ups of our filter.

Happy Growing

The Gator