Frequently Asked Questions

What is Engineered Carbon Media?

Engineered Carbon Media is a proprietary technology previously only available to high purity applications such as Micro electronics, Hospitals and Laboratories. This technology allows for the careful manipulation of granular activated carbon and other substrates to be bound into a self supporting monolithic structure while leaving the base material virtually unaffected.

Why is an Engineered Carbon Media filter superior to standard loose fill cylinders and trays?

By its very nature, Engineered Media filters offer a number of advantages over old style loose filled filters. By design it is impossible for the Engineered Media filter to settle or channel over time as do loose fill products. Additionally, because the filter is self supporting, and requires no metal screens to hold the media, the filter “open space” is 100% vs 50-52% which is common to cylinder designs. Finally, because the limitations of the metal holding screens are eliminated a much larger spectrum of specialty filter designs are possible.

What is the Green Material wrapped around a Green Gator Filter™?

The green polyester wrap is an antimicrobial material used to protect the Engineered Media from any dust and dirt that may get past the pre filter wrap. Additionally it neutralizes biological contaminants such as bacteria and molds.

What is a Quick Compression Collar?

The new fan collar attached to the Green Gator Filter™ uses compression to quickly and easily connect your fan to the filter. The polimer used to create the collar is flexible enough to fit most industry standard fans, but ridgid enough to keep them firmly in place. You can also connect 6" and 8" straight duct into the filter allowing for a more customized fit to your unique situation.

What are the conditions that affect a carbon filters useful life?

There are a number of conditions that can adversely affect any carbon /adsorptive based filtration system. Excessive temperature (above 130F) and high humidity (above 95%RH) can both dramatically reduce a filters ability to remove VOC (volatile organic compounds) and odors. Careful control of the environmental conditions is one key to success. Equally important is airflow, air moving to quickly through a carbon bed reduces the removal efficiency and can cause VOC’s and odors to pass through the filter. Green Gator filters are specifically sized and matched to industry standard fan CFM ratings. The ideal “contact time” (the time the contaminated air is in contact with the carbon bed) for effective removal should never be below .1 seconds in an exhaust application. In a recirculation applications .5sec (see our tech section for data)

How long can I expect my Green Gator Filter™ to last?

The Green Gator Filter ™ can last up to 18months*. However, there is truly no way to determine how long any activated carbon filter will last without precise control of all aspects of the application such as; Temperature, Relative Humidity, Airflow and complete knowledge of the exact make-up and concentration of the specific contaminants to be removed without variation. Using the Green house example from above, experience has taught us that when properly matched to a fan, *Results can vary based on application and contaminant (odor) levels.

What is special about the Engineered Carbon Media used in a Green Gator Filter™?

The Green Gator Filter™ is unique in many ways. The base media’s incorporated into the Green Gator Filter™ include the highest quality activated carbon available as well as specially developed chemisorption substrates engineered specifically to chemically react and neutralize problematic VOCs and odors. In fact, chemisorption reactions can occur at almost twice the speed of adsorption and can dramatically improve VOC and odor removal!

Where can I buy a Green Gator Filter™?

Green Gator Filters™ are available through premium retail outlets and Hydroponic supply stores. If your local retailer does not currently carry Green Gator Filters™ demand that they become a member of our growing network! Check here for retailers!

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