Simply speaking, Green Gator Filters™ are the simplest to use filtration system available today. Currently available in sizes to match standard 6” and 8” commercially available fans.

  • green gator hydroponic carbon filter

    The Media

    The proper application of specific Activated Carbon/Charcoal Media types is essential for effective odor control. With that in mind. Green Gator Filters™ utilize a proprietary blend of activated carbons and chemosorptive media to ensure the best possible performance. Additionally, every Green Gator Filter ™ is designed with an integrated antimicrobial pre filter element effectively killing a large percentage of the molds and other aerosolized biological contaminants that can enter the filter.

  • 100% open area carbon filtration

    Filter Structure

    Green Gator Filters™ utilize a proprietary bonding technology previously only available to high purity applications. The advantages of this technology are quickly obvious, the filter body is the carbon media. This allows for the removal of the restrictive metal perforated inner and outer shells and enables 100% media “open area”, as opposed to many filters offering 51-53% "open area". Additionally, due to the very nature of the technology, the Green Gator Filter™ is virtually dust free and can not allow for settling of the media causing by-pass and channeling of the odor filled air.

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    The Design

    Green Gator Filters™ unique shape was chosen specifically to increase the available filter surface area over simple canister designs. This allows for a slower air flow through the media bed while still operating at the typical CFM rating. This lengthens the air to filter contact time and increasing the efficiency of the Green Gator Filter™ even further!

  • hydroponic carbon filter


    Green Gator Filters™ offer more then simply the best media technology, Green Gator Filter™ systems offer simple sizing. Our two filter sizes will accomodate a wide range of airflow needs. This simple innovation allows the user to effectively capture the odors they need, at a price point that works.

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    Serviceability / Installation

    Green Gator Filters™ are simply the easiest Engineered Carbon Media filter to mount, operate and service – period. Designed with integrated hanging tabs, our filters can be easily hung from above or simply placed upright on the floor. Additionally, once you attach the compression collar to your duct work using our quick compression system. Replacing the filter is as simple as pulling off the filter from the fan and replacing it. Replacing the pre filter wrap is a snap as well! To change the Green Gator Filter™ pre-filter, simply wrap the pre-filter around the filter segment.